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  • White Power

    America on the Brink by

    In his provocative new memoire, Terol recounts the racist history of the United States of America, interrogating the fraught socio-political climate of the last eighty years. Beginning with his parents in 1943 and exploring his own experiences ...

  • Long Time Dead

    My Investigation into the Unsolved Murder of Ralph Wilson Snair by

    How did a conservative, simple-living, retired church custodian come to die from a gunshot wound to the head? Was it murder or suicide? On April 19, 1957, Ralph Wilson Snair was found dead in a rented vehicle at the side of Highway 50, two miles ...

  • Democratizing Finance

    Origins of the Community Development Financial Institutions Movement by

    Decades before Occupy Wall Street challenged the American financial system, activists began organizing alternatives to provide capital to “unbankable” communities and the poor. With roots in the civil rights, anti-poverty, and other progressive ...

  • This Is My Story, This Is My Song

    Book One: The First Forty-Four Years by

    The first of two volumes to be published, in This is my Story, This is my Song, Leonard S. Buxton recounts the first half of his engaging life and his long career in ministry. He has written a very entertaining personal account of his upbringing as ...

  • Industry and Subsistency

    E. F. Cartier Van Dissel and Sawmill Phoenix; The Logging of Old-Growth Timber and the Making of a Small Farm Community, 1897-1943 by

    The people of the Camas Valley in Washington State were founded in two socioeconomic streams as they survived the Great Depression of the 1930s and moved into the war years of the 1940s. The theoretical foundation of this history asserts the ...

  • The Pacesetter

    The Complete Story by

    Who was responsible for the these Great American Landmarks: The Indy 500, The Dixie Highway, The Lincoln Highway, Miami Beach and Montauk New York?

  • I Stood on a Knoll South of Norton


    From the first paragraph to the very last this is a story you will live, not just read. Eldon Archer’s writing skills enmesh the reader in his writings as so eloquently proven in Slices of Eden. The reader will relive his youth on a little farm ...

  • Warrior at Heart

    Governor John Milton, King Cotton, and Rebel Florida 1860-1865 by

    John Milton—a true son of the South— endeavored to find ways in which to keep Florida relevant to the Confederate cause. Under Milton, Florida was a key contributor of supplies for the Confederate Army. supplies. By pledging men, beef, and salt ...

  • A Bucket Of Mice And Other Tales

    Growing Up On The Prairie In The 1930's by

    These stories were written by a lady who grew up in North Dakota during the Great Depression and the adversities and happy times that came her way as she grew. The stories are the occurrences in her life and how she learned to deal with them. Some ...

  • Before Brittney

    A Legacy of Champions by

    This book is about champions in women’s athletics at Baylor University–the champions who competed, the champions who coached, the champions who provided the advocacy and leadership for the women’s athletic program, and the champions who have brought ...