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  • From The Shadows

    Surviving the Depths of Mental Illness by

    After a joyful early childhood, E. Pauline Spurrell suffered trauma that led to unhinged teenage years and a turbulent adult life. She was diagnosed, and misdiagnosed, with numerous mental illnesses. She endured a seemingly endless cycle of ...

  • In Sickness and in Health


    Did you ever think of going on a vacation with no idea of where you were going or how long you’d be away—not preparing, not packing, not bringing anything with you? Then, while you’re on this vacation, you don’t know where you are, you’re not sure ...

  • Never Give Up

    The Meaning of My Life - The Paul Rosen Story by

    "I was ready to go away, to fall asleep, and to never wake up again. Paul Rosen was ready to do what he had told everyone else NOT to do for so long. I gave up." - Paul Rosen Everyone faces adversity in life. But Paul Rosen certainly faced more ...

  • Taking Control over Anxiety and Panic

    A Therapeutic Approach by

    Hypnotherapy is becoming increasingly viewed as an effective tool to help with issues such as weight management, mental focus, anxieties, phobias and pain. But there are still many sceptics: does hypnotherapy really work? Is it all in the ...

  • Homecoming


    This book is about the lonely, the lost, and what it is like to live in the suffocating constraints of mental illness. I share stories of my own personal experiences, in hopes that you find comfort, even if only through relation. I have learnt ...

  • Trauma No More: A Six-Step Recovery Guide

    With Fast Track and Full Track Options by

    Traumatic events happen when they are least expected. Trauma No More is your recovery guide to make the best of these bad situations. The fast-track or full-track options can expedite your emotional healing toward wholeness, whether you are ...