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  • The Empty Crib

    My Personal Experiences of Miscarriage and Baby Loss by

    A blessing. A gift. A miracle. Having a child is often described as the most fulfilling experiences one can have. But when pregnancies don’t go according to hopes, dreams, and plans, all that joy bestowed upon the expectant parents seems to ...

  • Start Right!

    The Definitive Guide to Joining a Gym for the First Time by

    Sedentary living is as detrimental to your health—if not more so—than smoking. Most people do not get enough regular physical activity, and are aging faster than ever before and developing chronic diseases as a direct result. Joining a gym is the ...

  • Becoming 'You' for Women

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Discovery and Whole Self Transformation by

    What would the world look like if women were confident, empowered, and fulfilled? Why do so many women get lost in endless overwhelm, imperfect relationships, and draining jobs? How can women overcome all of these obstacles to become the best ...

  • Strong and Free

    Stories and photos of Canadian women in sport from the popular #superROLEmodels project by

    Adolescent girls are dropping out of sports at an alarming rate, despite having more opportunities than ever before. More than that, mainstream media coverage of women’s sports has declined over the last twenty years, and currently accounts for less ...

  • A Timeless Birth

    Holistic Tools for Radiant Health and Vitality from Preconception Through Postpartum by

    Ignite your innate womb wisdom by optimizing your mind, body, and soul in preparation for childbirth. Liberate your intuition and take the passage of motherhood into your own hands with practical and accessible tools for radiant health. A Timeless ...

  • No Longer Hysteria

    My Chronic Battle with Endometriosis by

    Endometriosis is a common condition/disease that affects 1 out of 10 women, and yet women are being told it’s normal for them to have pain with their period. It is listed in the top 10 most painful conditions to have and diagnosing this disease ...

  • Release Your Inner Wild

    The modern day women's guide to reconnecting with your true Self; honouring your health, passion and power by

    Release Your Inner Wild is for the woman seeking to reconnect with her health, herself and her Wild. The word “wild” is everywhere it seems, but do we know its true meaning? Modern day living has taken us away from our roots of Mother Earth and ...

  • Cookfitt

    Food~Faith~Fitness A Book of Chick Wisdom by

    COOKFITT is a book inspiring women of all ages to become healthier through cooking and fitness. It helps foster an awareness of the relationship between the mind, body and spirit to achieve optimal health, fitness and performance. This is done ...