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Birth process, C-section, Surgery, Labour, Delivery, Healing, Pregnancy

Treasured Cesarean
The complete, uncensored, healthy mama’s guide to accepting, preparing for, and owning your cesarean while healing from the inside out!
by Holly Rae Fehr

Learning that you may need to deliver by cesarean is likely not what you pictured for your baby’s birth, but after reading Treasured Cesarean’s detailed background information, tips, and checklists, you will feel empowered and ready to go! Author Holly Fehr openly shares her own experience with seven (yes, seven!) cesareans and provides insight and tips that only a mom with her background can provide. This book is truly an everything-you-need-to know-about-cesareans-and-more guide that takes you through preparing your home for a cesarean recovery, creating a cesarean birth plan, what to expect during and after your surgery, and essential information on taking care of your new baby and your body while you heal.

With approximately 30% of all births in North America occurring by cesarean—some planned and some as emergency surgery, this book is important for all new mothers to read so they can be prepared for all eventualities, including having a baby that may end up in the NICU for a while. Yet this isn’t a doom-and-gloom book about what might go wrong, but rather a personal and empowering story that will inspire mothers to embrace their baby’s birth story no matter how their little one makes their appearance in the world.

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Holly Rae Fehr is a mother of seven children, all delivered by cesarean. She is passionate about helping others fully cherish their unique birth stories, while equipping them with the proper tools and information they need to be fully prepared for their cesarean deliveries. She also loves encouraging other moms through the many stages and seasons of motherhood.

Holly lives with her husband on an acreage in Saskatchewan, Canada where she homeschools her children. In her spare time you will find her gardening, preserving food, reading, writing, and embracing life with her family. Treasured Cesarean is her first book.


Holly Rae Fehr
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