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Yoga, Ayurveda and self care, Holistic and natural living, Living your best life, women’s health and wellness, women’s empowerment, Living with purpose and passion

Release Your Inner Wild
The modern day women's guide to reconnecting with your true Self; honouring your health, passion and power
by Dana Mahon

Release Your Inner Wild is for the woman seeking to reconnect with her health, herself and her Wild.

The word “wild” is everywhere it seems, but do we know its true meaning? Modern day living has taken us away from our roots of Mother Earth and from our Inner Wild.

A woman’s true nature is strong, healthy, bold, connected, intuitive, capable, fierce, radiant, powerful, and yes, wild. Through ancient self-care practices, mindful movement, nourishment for the body and mind, and by living authentically in ways that have kept her healthy, strong, grounded and happy, self-declared gypsy-soul, author Dana shows you that at any age and whatever life throws your way, you can become your healthiest, most fulfilled self, and how to reconnect to your Inner Wild.

This educational, practical, entertaining, heartfelt and occasionally sassy book speaks boldly to the woman who wants the most out of her life and who wants to be the one to create that for herself, from a place of wellness, self-assurance and ease.

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For the last eleven years Dana has operated two successful Yoga businesses on the stunning West Coast of British Columbia. She shares her unwavering belief that Yoga and healthy living have the power to alter our lives which led her to develop youth yoga camps, school wellness programs, multiple online wellness courses for women, and open her own Yoga studio, Wild Pose Yoga.

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Dana Mahon

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