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Mending Abortion Trauma with Presence
a journal and guidebook into the canyon of silence
by Marsha Donner

Terminating an unplanned pregnancy is often an unacknowledged trauma due to silence and lack of support. The process is too much, too soon and too fast. Numbing of emotions is a normal reaction that provides emotional safety for the moment. Yet, the suppressed experiences create consequences over time as they cry out to be felt more fully and within supportive relationships. The poignant stories within this book are intended to embrace you and remind you that you are not alone. You are invited to go at your own pace and use the prompts for writing and reflection while facing what lingers from that pivotal choice with self-compassion. Your journey through the canyon of silence will be a reclamation, a process of mending fractures and integrating all that is discovered. New possibilities open when emotional movement is restored.

Marsha’s deepest calling is to contribute to a culture that puts every child first. She was certified in Special Education and Daycare Administration from the University of Oregon. After teaching for some years, she became an artist and art educator offering courses in ‘The Mandala’ and ‘Intentional Creativity’. Her courses offered a supportive space where each woman’s authentic voice was revealed and honoured. Marsha is currently living on Vancouver Island, B.C. in a co-housing community with her beloved husband of 40 years near the Salish Sea. Her greatest joy is spending time in nature and with her lovely daughter and precious grand daughter. Marsha can be reached via her website:


Marsha Donner

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