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    • 244 pages
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A Timeless Birth
Holistic Tools for Radiant Health and Vitality from Preconception Through Postpartum
by Kat Villain

Ignite your innate womb wisdom by optimizing your mind, body, and soul in preparation for childbirth. Liberate your intuition and take the passage of motherhood into your own hands with practical and accessible tools for radiant health. A Timeless Birth provides a comprehensive holistic approach to creating the conditions for a graceful pregnancy, empowered birth, and regenerative postpartum experience. It covers feminine health, menstruation, preconception, pregnancy, and the postpartum period, and includes: • natural ways to enhance fertility; • scientific information about the body’s systems and chemical elements; • nutritional guidance, with an emphasis on traditional unprocessed diets; • recipes for plant-based medicines and potions; • yoga poses for wellness from preconception through pregnancy and beyond; • mindfulness and meditation guidance to align the body and mind; • Taoist healing practices; • ways to nurture your relationship with your partner during the transition to parenthood. With personal notes from Kat Villain to her daughter, and informed guidance on a range of holistic health practices, A Timeless Birth is a comprehensive account of the transformative experience of pregnancy, birth, and early motherhood.

Testimonials : "Kat is one of the more knowledgeable teachers I’ve ever known. Her insight, wisdom, and knowledge of the body is unparalleled. Her book is a blessing for anyone who doesn’t live near her. I’m thrilled to have her teachings sitting on my bedside table.” —Sian Fujikawa, Owner of Love Yoga “As Kat’s doula I had the unique privilege of watching her apply the profound wisdom in these pages as she gave birth to her daughter. I am continually inspired by Kat’s knowledge and dedication to health and wellbeing. Her unique perspective as a writer emphasizes the value of trusting ourselves and the new life before us.” —Carson Meyer; Doula, Actress, Founder C & The Moon “Not since Ina May Gaskin’s Spiritual Midwifery book of the 1970s have I read such a thorough, intimate and inspiring guide to natural childbirth. From preconception through postpartum, Kat’s deep understanding of a woman’s needs and her family’s needs will help you navigate in ways both large and small, an authentic and joyous birth.” —Beth Nelson, author of Postcards from the Basque Country. “A Timeless Birth captures a moment in time. It captures it with magic, and spirit, and a real honesty that will help women on their journey through pregnancy and birth and into motherhood. Kat makes our bodies and cycles less of a mystery, yet she treats them with the reverence they deserve. Reading this book is a journey into the beauty and spirit that should be available to all women.” —Jennifer & Monica of LA Midwife Collective "A Timeless Birth is an absolute MUST READ for anyone looking to experience a healthy and vibrant pregnancy. As a holistic family chiropractor, I’m always searching for the best natural resources for my patients. This resource contains timeless wisdom combined with practical and easy-to-use strategies that can empower anyone to have a truly exceptional birth experience and beyond.” —Dr. Brady Salcido of Vitality Family Chiropractic

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Kat Villain teaches and practices yoga, studies herbalism, and handcrafts indulgent all-natural body products for her line fumescent. She wrote A Timeless Birth as a lived experience of her pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. To compile this book, she read a wide variety of materials to find the best information and practices and experimented on herself to find ways to thrive during this time. She also interviewed many mothers and pregnant women about their experiences. She considers this time the most magical yet demanding period in a woman’s life, and hopes to inspire women to take their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum health into their own hands instead of giving it to an often sterile and unsupportive medical system. Kat wholeheartedly believes that flourishing and supported mothers are the foundation of a healthy society and thriving world, and that it is more important now than ever to revitalize our motherhood practices. She currently lives in California, with her husband, Charlie, and their daughter, Plum Ophelia. They live in a tiny house, grow their own food and herbs, and practice sustainability. She is also the author of Yoga as Origami (FriesenPress: 2017).


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