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Miscarriage, Baby loss, Lost pregnancies, Pregnancy complications, Pregnancy, Losing a baby, Surviving a miscarriage

The Empty Crib
My Personal Experiences of Miscarriage and Baby Loss
by Charlene Robertson

A blessing. A gift. A miracle. Having a child is often described as the most fulfilling experiences one can have. But when pregnancies don’t go according to hopes, dreams, and plans, all that joy bestowed upon the expectant parents seems to evaporate. No one wants to talk about the complications during the pregnancy itself, the soul-wrenching loss of miscarriage, or the much-needed courage to try again after a setback or profound loss.

Women and their partners often find themselves alone, trying to cope with the rush of emotions and the lack of support and information. In The Empty Crib: My Personal Experiences of Miscarriage and Baby Loss, the author—who now has two beautiful and healthy children—shares her personal experiences and painful journey to becoming a parent. She touches on everything: the lies expectant parents are fed, the silent suffering, the rollercoaster ride of emotions that leave your irrevocably changed, as well as the profound sense of love you feel when you meet your child for the first time.

In The Empty Crib, Charlene has reopened her most painful and personal experiences of her life and relived them in detail. She hopes her story will offer others knowledge, comfort, and empathy.

“… was a gripping and insightful read……a powerful personal account of a distressing subject ”

- Editor

Friesen House Publisher

At the age of just eight, Charlene Robertson wrote a children’s book for a church group. When other kids related to her storytelling, her interest in writing sparked. Her early interest in the transportive power of words has extended to reading poetry and Shakespeare, as well as compiling a collection entitled Stories Round the Kitchen Table.

Charlene lives in Edmonton, Alberta, with her spouse, two adult children, and pets.


Charlene Robertson

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