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  • Nelson's Sabbath


    After an attempt to unveil corruption nearly costs him his life, Jasper Nelson resigns from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in disgrace. Refusing to let the matter drop, the workaholic tries his hand at investigative journalism, but his efforts ...

  • The Last Show on Earth


    Nearly ten years since the rapture and humanity is no longer the top of the food chain. God has taken his followers to heaven and left demons to rule earth in his wake. Those left behind seek to find either redemption in the eyes of their creator or ...

  • Shine Your Light


    Paige Maddison is only 17 years old, but many know her spirit is ageless. She holds the gift of seeing beyond the layers of our reality, the courage to battle the evils that threaten to tear those layers apart, and the key to an ancient mystery that ...

  • Jessica Seeker and the Ghost Walkers


    Jessica Seeker’s life can be summed up in one word: derelict. Abandoned at birth, bounced from foster home to foster home, and labeled a freak because of her psychic abilities, Jessica has been running from her past for so many years that she never ...