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  • Dreammaker


    Set in Nova Scotia, Dreammaker is a story about a young man’s life in the late 1940's. Every film starts its life as a ‘pitch’. It’s the first thing all Producers, Directors and Actors insist on reading. Screen plays or scripts are either original ...

  • Cycles


    A young couple meets during a Carnival celebration in their beloved city of Lisbon, beginning a passionate and challenging journey together that will span two countries and two political revolutions. Told through Tiago and Marta’s eyes, Cycles ...

  • Three River Valleys Called Home

    The Rhine, The Mohawk, and The St. Lawrence by

    Sometimes people leave their home with the hopes of finding something better. Sometimes they are forced out and chased away. Philip Eamer and his wife, Catrina, experience both in this true story of immigrants searching for a place to call home. The ...

  • Passages


    Set in the early years of the 20th Century, when travel was measured in increments of days and weeks rather than hours and minutes, this epic family saga transports readers across three continents—Europe, Australia, and North America. It chronicles ...

  • The Amulet

    A Novel of Early Canada by

    It is 1884 on the Canadian prairies. After an impetuous, whirlwind wedding, young bride Catherine McNab has left her comfortable home in Rosemere, Ontario, determined to start a new life with veteran trader Ian McNab. Arriving in her new home of ...

  • Saint Illuminator's Daughter


    It is late winter of 1950 and Safir Turan—an immigrant living a lonely life in Brooklyn, NY—has just learned of her father's death in distant Istanbul when she is contacted by a wealthy American claiming he knows her family. Senator Weldon Scott ...

  • Nuggets

    A Tale of the Cariboo Gold Rush by

    In 1860’s Victoria, British Columbia, seventeen-year-old Robb McDonald is in love with high-society Emma. But Robb, his father, and his brothers work at the Hudson’s Bay post, and their lowly position makes him an unacceptable husband in the British ...

  • Twelve Horses For Julia

    The Story of a Southern Alberta Pioneer by

    Nineteenth-century living wasn’t easy, as settlers struggled to tame the land and make a living from it for their growing families, with little or no help from a government stretched far too thin. For young Julia and her family, forced off their ...

  • Celtic Knot

    A Clara Swift Tale by

    1868 Ottawa D’Arcy McGee is assassinated. As John A. Macdonald cradles his friend’s bloody head, he blames transplanted Irish terrorists: the Fenian Brotherhood. Within a day, Patrick James Whelan is arrested. After a show trial, Whelan is ...