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Immigration Canada 1900s, Jewish Memoirs, Canadian Storytelling 1900s, New immigrant Stories, Jewish History, Jewish Short Stories, Historical Short Stories

Shtetl on the Grand
by Gerald Tulchinsky

These stories describe aspects of Jewish life in Brantford from the 1940's; they are centred on fictional characters and events. Although 'small town', or shtetl communities like Brantford have faded away, the memory of them continues to fascinate and inspire some of those fortunate enough to have lived in them.

"Writing stories about small-town Jews in the 1930's and 1940's requires the skills of a fine historian and a great story-teller. Fortunately Jerry Tulchinsky is both, and these wonderful tales add a much needed dose of schmaltz to the long-lost past".

Jack Granatstein

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Gerald Tulchinsky is an historian living in Kingston. He was for many years professor of history at Queen's University and is the author of numerous works on Canadian Jewish history. In recent years he has been writing fictional accounts based on experiences in his hometown Jewish community of Brantford, his "Shtetl on the Grand."


Gerald Tulchinsky

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