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  • Forgotten Followers

    from Broken to Bold by

    After years of submission, Mara is afraid and unsure about everything—especially her nephew, Jesus. Then he is chased off a cliff, and Mara is forced into the unknown. At the same time, Joanna grapples with hiding her mixed-race heritage or losing ...

  • The Good Sister


    It all starts with a dare. Salome, a spirited young woman in Galilee, is perched in a tree and challenges Nathaniel, her smitten childhood friend, to climb onto a high branch after her. He falls and crushes a leg. Salome flees the scene in shock, ...

  • The Throne of Osiris

    (a tale of Ancient Egypt) by

    It is Egypt, circa 1100 BCE- trouble comes to the highest spheres of power in this most ancient of governments. Pharaoh’s rule has been usurped by Egypt’s priesthood, the kingdom’s nobility has fallen on hard times, the justice system is broken, ...

  • Snake Of The Nile


    History isn't always written as it truly happened . . . In all four corners of the ancient world, growing threats assemble into a storm of carnage, as the Roman eagle seeks to seize all who will not kneel before it in its golden talons. In the ...

  • FanGong Seawall


    THIS STORY RECEIVED YANGTZE RIVER NETWORK LITERATURE COMPETITION AWARD FOR 2020. Set 1,000 years ago (AD 1021-1026) during China’s Song Dynasty, it centres on the life and times of Fan Zhongyan, a real historical figure in ancient China. “Fan” is ...

  • Giulia


    Giulia (pronounced Julia) was the daughter of Caesar Augustus. Arrested for adultery and treason, Giulia is banished to the island of Pandateria for 5 years where she spends her days in the company of 3 servants, musing about former lovers, lost ...

  • Under the Old Sycamore Tree

    The Story of a Slave in Ancient Egypt by

    Around 33 centuries, in Ancient Egypt, an Israeli village called Goshen was enslaved by the Egyptians for many centuries. The people of Goshen suffered greatly under the tyranny of their Egyptian masters and had given up hope trying to be rid of ...