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  • Viking Storm


    When Vikings raid her Irish village, sixteen-year-old Fiona’s simple life of collecting plants for healing forever changes. Many of her family are killed or captured and she is taken away on a longship after slashing the throat of a Viking giant. ...

  • The Secret of Arbel


    Set in modern times, The Secret of Arbel is a novel centred on a sealed coffer that, when opened by Monsignor Antoine St-Vincent (prefect of the Vatican Secret Archives), revealed several strange artifacts. A number of timeworn scrolls appear to be ...

  • Alva's Redemption

    Forsaken, Forgiven, Freed by

    Alva is furious. She is being banished because she almost had her beloved foster brother, Torben, and his future bride, Eislyn, murdered. Now she is condemned, by her family, to live as a widower’s new wife high in the mountains for the rest of her ...

  • Shamrock

    Patrick and Brigid in Ireland by

    The Roman Province of Britain 402 A.D. Irish pirates kidnap young Patrick and sell him into slavery. He falls in love. He flees his master and returns home. Nothing there is as he remembers. The shame of his past haunts him. Eventually, the Pope ...

  • A Canon's Tale


    It was a time of faith. Men believed. To the chosen few, the Christian God spoke directly and laid out His wishes and orders. But He sometimes changed His mind. Or perhaps His messages were not understood. The year is 1135 in the town of Arles in ...