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  • Towards Light

    Landscape Paintings of British Columbia by

    TOWARDS LIGHT richly redefines the way we experience the scenic beauty of British Columbia. With each magical painting, artist Lil Chrzan informs the viewer that a landscape is not just about clouds and trees but rather the subtle quality of light ...

  • The Land Our Fathers Saw

    A Pictorial History By E.F. Hagell by

    The Land Our Fathers Saw reveals the Hagell Heritage Collection held by the Galt Museum and Archives in the City of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. In 1960, upon the request of the Lethbridge Historical Society, the City purchased the collection from ...

  • Canada Western Landscapes

    Through The Years by

    Inspired by a first publishing of Carol Cowan’s paintings, which generated a great deal of interest, this second edition Canada Western Landscapes is a wonderful collection of her work in water colour, multi-media oils, acrylics. With an artistic ...

  • Out of the Dark

    Night paintings of Alfred Muma by

    OUT OF THE DARK captures the colourful interplay and beauty of the night-time colours seen in Alfred Muma’s paintings. Since Alfred’s first night painting experience on Rock Lake, Algonquin Park as a teen, he has found inspiration and delight in the ...