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    • 978-1-03-917660-7
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    • 978-1-03-917658-4
    • 6.0 x 9.0 inches
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    • 128 pages
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  • Keywords
    • Inspirational poetry,
    • Mind,
    • Spirit,
    • Positive affirmations,
    • Personal growth,
    • Identity and the Self,
    • Poetry and affirmations

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Awaken Trust Transform Live
Poems and Affirmations for Inner-Growth and Self-Awareness
by Smriti Mona Agrawal

“Each of us is an eclipsed sun, our brightness covered by eons of cultural conditioning.” What overshadows our brightness? Does it hold us back or do we allow it to stop us from achieving our fullest potential? What would happen if we let go? Author and transformation teacher Smriti Agrawal shares her four pillars to promote self-healing and personal growth. The first step: awaken from our unconscious slumber and bring awareness to what eclipses our luminosity. Through poetry and affirmations, Awaken Trust Transform Live is a self-help guide on releasing the past and cultivating greater self-awareness in the present. These free verse meditations encourage readers to delve deeper into their inner realms, reflect on unhealthy patterns, and build a nourishing path to joy and transformation. The more we understand our inner selves, the more we can overcome adversities and flourish. By doing this, we gain a greater understanding of the meaning of life and our place within the universe. From nurturing self-acceptance to connecting with Spirit, these poems will incite gratitude—for what we already have and the inner peace we will develop. These positive affirmations can be read daily and revisited when we stray from the path. When the world feels so immersed in darkness, Awaken Trust Transform Live is the call to shine brighter.

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Smriti Agrawal, PhD, is a transformation teacher. She helps people find their authentic selves so that they may grow and live happier lives. Her poetry first appeared in daily meditations she shared with clients. Inspired by their appreciation of these affirmations, Smriti collected her poems into Awaken Trust Transform Live so that more people may find self-healing. She lives in Calgary, Alberta, with her daughter and her dog Max. This is her first book. For more information on Smriti’s workshops, Reiki healing, and resources, you can visit her website:


Smriti Mona Agrawal

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