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  • I'm Still Standing

    Saved by God's Amazing Grace: From Brokenness to Wholeness by

    Lorne Gregory was on top of the world the day she married Jamie Jones. But within weeks of their marriage, it became painfully obvious that something was wrong. Believing deeply in her vow to love and support him for better or worse, Lorne pulls out ...

  • Live Well Between Your Ears

    Get Your Head Around The Craziness by

    Do you struggle to maintain good health? Are you tired of the onslaught of new technology invading your life? Do you long for the simplicity of the good old days? Are you troubled by social unrest in the world? And, perhaps most importantly, has the ...

  • Technology Of Life

    Book For Heroes by

    This book has nothing to do with science, it is about life – the gift we manage in a different way. That is why you will not find reference to the people whose thoughts I retell sometimes word to word and sometimes modify on my own way, sifting it ...

  • God Doesn't Care What You Wear™

    The Limitations of Our Beliefs by

    God Doesn’t Care What You Wear™ is a reflection on beliefs, love, conflict, forgiveness and the Divine. Beverly Lutz offers a glimpse into a life that has taken her from single mother, to an adventure seeker in the Amazon rainforest, to teaching ...

  • The Reflections Journal


    The Recovery Reflections Journal is a tool to be used to help establish a daily journaling practice. It encourages the use of writing, as well as art, to assist in making daily reflection a habit. Those in recovery from various mental health ...

  • Diffability

    The Liberation of Potential by

    The goal of this book is to attempt to begin a discussion and a movement to reform the conception of disability through language. We always try to tackle the barriers persons with disabilities have in society from a sociological or administrative ...

  • The Red Pill Book

    A Practical Guide To Living Your Best Life by

    If you wake up happily content, with love in your heart and grateful for the life you’ve been gifted, then you’re already as rich as it gets. However, for many of us today, despite our best efforts, we yearn for an inner peace and positivity that ...

  • The Exquisiteness of Being in the Present Moment

    A Mental Journey into Discovery by

    The purpose of this narrative is to share some of my experiences and the resulting insights that I have gained over many years of self-analysis. It specifically examines the distinct and unique feeling that sometimes occurs of existing or "being" ...

  • Discovering the Art of Soul Friending


    This friendly, accessible book is about the age-old hunger in human hearts to open, and deepen, and grow towards faithful intimacy with the Source of all that is. This spiritual journey is radically personal, but it is not meant to be entirely ...