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Awakening to one’s true self, Inherent wholeness, Non-dual journey, Spiritual Enlightenment, Eastern contemplative wisdom traditions, Western contemplative wisdom tradition, Buddhism

Every Evening Comes the Moon
Awakening through the Darkness of the Separate Self
by Brian Theriault

Brian takes us on a journey into the paradox of the human condition, to the depths of human suffering, where there exists the transformational healing opportunity of waking up to the essence of who we are. This is described in many contemplative wisdom traditions that point to a reality that exists beyond the identification with the separate self - the sense of me; to a reality that is unconditioned and considered the ultimate medicine to pain and suffering. With the phases of the Moon serving as a metaphor for waking up out of the darkness of the separate self, this book opens our eyes to the healing power of awakening to our true nature in the midst of some of our most terrifying experiences. The states of confusion, fear, and shame; the experiences of trauma, addictions, grief and loss, and the suffering of spiritual seeking itself, can be met with the restorative power of awakening. When we embody surrender, grace, attention and openness in our darkest moments, we can begin to see that in the evening of despair, lies the moonlight of our own awakening.

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Brian Theriault MEd, SEP, CCC, is a transpersonal-nondual therapist. He completed a degree in addictions counselling and a master's degree in counselling psychology at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada. He has been on a spiritual journey of awakening for over twenty years and shares the gifts of awakening in his clinical work counselling clients. Brian has worked in various counselling environments, including addiction and mental health agencies and post-secondary institutions. He has articles published in peer reviewed journals illustrating the transformative power of nondual awakening in the therapeutic setting. He is currently the clinical coordinator at The University of Winnipeg - Student Counselling Services department and maintains a private practice.


Brian Theriault

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