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Inspirational Memoir, Story Egypt, Social Philosophy, Wellness Wisdom, Inspirational Guide, Emigrant Success Story, Wellbeing Motivation

Busker and the Trees
Eight Decades of Struggle, Adaptation and Happiness
by Adel Bishai

Like a busker juggling, we go through life balancing values as balls in the air...If one falls, the good busker picks it quickly up, resumes the performance and the audience applauds the skill in maintaining balance and harmony. Busker and the Trees is affirmation and encouragement for those on a path seeking true wellness in life.

Adel Bishai’s story begins in middle-class Egypt steeped in cosmopolitan culture and ancient history then tracks the author on a journey spanning eight decades, to nearly fifty countries and five continents, through heated politics and fascinating occupational opportunities, to love and family and the success of being happy and a millionaire to boot.

Knowledge and understanding are achieved through learning, observation, experience, reasoning, and demonstration. The author offers his understanding and perception through the life and worldview of an immigrant, providing an interesting and insightful prospective. Readers will be informed and entertained on topics of history, diverse cultures, anecdotes and works of fine art.

Adel’s story is a case study in the boundless maze of wellbeing following a model of values-based wellness thus considering and explaining his motivations. Adel is one immigrant to Canada who made good through embracing the values that contribute to happiness and provide a prototype of an immigrant from the Middle East to North America. Busker and the Trees outlines the values that guided Adel throughout his life and what has influenced his eight decades residing in Egypt, England and Canada illuminating how to make wise choices with the balls in the air the reader may be dealt.

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Adel Bishai (CPA, CA, MBA) is owner (Chairman CEO) of Tentmaker Pictures Inc., a management services corporation producing films, fine art and music in Canada and the USA. He sponsors, counsels and manages talented film makers, musicians and artists.

With over fifty years’ experience and accomplishments in accounting, auditing, finance, corporate governance and management, Adel’s career included senior positions in international accounting firms (Deloitte and KPMG), Director, Operations at the Office of the Auditor General of Canada, Regional Auditor at the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization, and Chief Financial Officer, Governance Director and Board Member at the multi-billion dollar international corporations Orascom Construction Industries and Besix Construction. Presently, Adel serves as board member of non-profit organizations.

Adel and his wife Magda (MEd) divide their time between their art studio in Toronto where Adel paints and exhibits primarily landscapes and portraits ( and New York city where they visit their three sons and eight grandchildren.

Busker and the Trees is Adel’s first book; stay tuned for the arrival of book two.


Adel Bishai

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