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  • Gallan

    Conversations inspired by Gurmukhi Alphabets by

    This is my artistic approach to creating a Punjabi cultural dialogue with 83 pages of photographed and graphically reproduced mixed media illustrations, artworks and digital works, combined with a hand written and a typed collection of "Gallan" ...

  • Busker and the Trees

    Eight Decades of Struggle, Adaptation and Happiness by

    Like a busker juggling, we go through life balancing values as balls in the air...If one falls, the good busker picks it quickly up, resumes the performance and the audience applauds the skill in maintaining balance and harmony. Busker and the Trees ...

  • Towards Light

    Landscape Paintings of British Columbia by

    TOWARDS LIGHT richly redefines the way we experience the scenic beauty of British Columbia. With each magical painting, artist Lil Chrzan informs the viewer that a landscape is not just about clouds and trees but rather the subtle quality of light ...

  • Light as it Falls

    Passport to the Arts by

    Finding balance in one’s life isn’t always straightforward: it involves light and shadow, and blacks, whites, and greys. Artist and writer Dr. Irene Naested explores the philosophy, psychology, and beauty of these themes in Light as it Falls. This ...

  • 107 Illustrations

    Imagination in Minimalism by

    Made with a subtle style 107 Illustrations is sure to please and delight anyone who likes to laugh and wonder about the ordinary things around them. Simple, clean and mixed with scenes of the unusual bumping into the usual. It is balanced with a ...

  • Make Your Mark in Pastels

    Get hooked on painting with pure pigment by

    Make Your Mark in Pastels by Karin Richter Karin Richter's passion for teaching others is evident in this easy-to-follow instructional book which presents a fresh, unintimidating way to learn the medium of PASTELS. Karin's approach is all about ...