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Dominant Personality, Strong Personality, Strong willed People, Controller Personality, Controlling Personality, Challenger Personality, Difficult Personality

A Healthy Controller
Live, Love, and Thrive as
by Rebekka Jensen

Maximize your potential as a controller and learn how to live, love, and thrive with a controller personality type.

Having trouble communicating? Struggling in your relationships with others—or yourself? Author Rebekka Jensen, a fellow controller, brings personal insight and experience to this practical primer on being a naturally strong-willed personality type . . . and doing it well.

Jensen has seen both sides of the controller: she was raised by a narcissistic, controlling parent, but grew to see her own (healthy) controller type as an asset rather than a dangerous liability. She can help you make the same shift by addressing your strengths and challenges as a controller, helping you to understand yourself and strengthen your communication with others.

“Healthy controller personalities are confident in their unconditional worth. They know that their greatest strengths are not a threat but powerful gifts, illuminating the world with loving boldness, clarity, and truth.”

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Rebekka Jensen is a fellow controller. Her experience being raised by a difficult controller motivated her to seek personal growth and understanding of her personality type as an adult. She trained as a life coach after working as a holistic wellness practitioner, supporting powerful connections between the body, emotions, and the mind. She draws upon both personal history and professional background in bringing her message of hope and health to others.

Rebekka lives in Canada with her family. She is also the author of a mindfulness coloring book called Power Words (FriesenPress, 2020).


Rebekka Jensen

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