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Self-help, Addiction, Compulsive behaviours, Healing, Personal growth, Buddhist philosophy, Counselling and therapy

Releasing Our Dragons
Letting go of addictive and compulsive behaviours
by Dianne Szymanski Krynicki

No matter where we may see ourselves on the addiction spectrum, it is possible to become free from these deeply ingrained unhealthy patterns.

Many of us engage in addictive and compulsive behaviours to avoid our pain and discomfort and to distract ourselves from the challenges life brings us. Former teacher Dianne Szymanski Krynicki offers this semi-autobiographical guide to recognizing and letting go of addictive behaviours, whether they are being “managed” or concealed or are wreaking havoc and completely taking over our lives.

In Releasing Our Dragons, Dianne offers wisdom and encouragement from diverse sources, such as Vipassana meditation, mindfulness, and Alcoholics Anonymous, to help readers get to the heart of their substance abuse or other addictive behaviours and learn to walk a path of strength, growth, and liberation.

Dianne's book is straightforward and to the point, yet is written from the heart. There is a lot of reason to be hopeful about the prospect of recovery with serenity. Her examples and stories will give you the information you need. The rest is a matter of time and work.

-Shinzen Young, Co-Director of SEMA Lab, Author of The Science of Enlightenment

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Dianne Szymanski Krynicki has worked as a high school English and Creative Writing teacher, and she has experienced addiction herself. She lives in Waterloo, Ontario, but has recently been residing at a meditation centre outside of Barrie, Ontario, in a small cabin, where she spends most of her time volunteering in the office and coordinating courses.


Dianne Szymanski Krynicki

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