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Daily Inspiration, Motivation, Joyful Living, Mindfulness, Inspiration, Positivity, Success

Sundays With Jono
A Collection of Quotes to Ignite Your Life
by Jono Macri

If you knew there was a better life out there for you, a life with more happiness, more money, better health, relationships, fun, and adventure what would you be willing to do to live it? If it is time for you to take your life to new levels and higher heights, Sundays with Jono will take you there. In Jono's collection of inspiration, wisdom, and motivation, he shares powerful reminders that with the right thinking, feeling and intention, you can custom design a winning life. Each message is balanced with practical and grounded advice to help you create a life that you love NOW.

Sundays With Jono is a wake-up call for your soul. It is the defibrillator paddles that will bring you back to life. By the end of the book, you will feel more confident, lighter, and ready to live a life of purpose and pleasure.

A wake - up call for your soul

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CEO by day, novelist by night. JONO MACRI specializes in strategy, advanced analytics, and understanding human behavior. He holds degrees in Psychology and Education and is a lover of wine, music, working out, and anything chocolate. Whether running companies or inspiring the youth, Jono’s mission statement has always been the same, he believes that; “if you’re willing to do the work, and put in the sweat equity you can be, do, or have, anything in this life. As a contributing expert for several magazines, Jono enjoys writing in the areas of business, lifestyle, health, and relationships.

When he’s not writing or traveling, you can find him at home in Ontario with his two beyond perfect pups Suede, and Cali. Visit www. to sign up for new releases, information, and inspiration.


Jono Macri

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