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10 Days in May, 1966 & 10Days in June, $1000 & 10Days in July, 2020: Books 6,7,8 cover

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childhood memoirs, Canadian memoirs, family life, low-cost living, rural living, volunteering

10 Days in May, 1966 & 10Days in June, $1000 & 10Days in July, 2020
BONUS: 10 Seminars
by Eleanor Deckert

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8-year-old Eleanor is inspired while observing a butterfly:

“First you are 'that.'

Then you wrap up, 'alone.'

Then you become 'this.'

There is no going back.

There is no resisting the future.

You will become what you are meant to be.”

Why 3-books-in-one?

Follow Eleanor's 10 creative talents developing from earliest childhood until the present day:

Faith Journey, Travel, Home, School, Crafts, Chores, Dance, Childcare, Reading, Writing.

10 Days in May, 1966... freely receive... freely give: Eleanor experiences responsibility, anxiety, joy and contentment. With vivid details, she recalls family customs, school days, and community life in the 1960s. Eleanor's creative talents lead to volunteering.

10 Days in June, $1000: Will practical Kevin and idealistic Eleanor make their newly-wed dream of the 'Back-to-Basics' lifestyle possible? What will she give up? What will she gain? How will her creative talents lead her to earning money?

10 Days in July, 2020... lock down... open up: How will Eleanor's creative talents be impacted by the Covid-19 restrictions?

BONUS: 10 Seminars: Eleanor's desire to share her 10 creative talents has crystalized into seminars which have been delivered in the USA and Canada.

Also in this memoir series: 10 Days in: December, January, February, March, April


Eleanor Deckert

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