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  • Live to Lead

    The Missing Link in Leadership Development by

    A deep self awareness is essential for the best life. Those who are fully human, who are confident in knowing who they truly are, are then and only then fully equipped to lead. Self Awareness is the missing link in leadership development. Herein, ...

  • The Power of Living By Design


    Based on the proven premise that "individuals are perfectly designed to get the outcomes they get", The Power of Living By Design provokes your thoughts using a framework called the Successful Life Systems Design Model to guide you in understanding ...

  • The Overtone Effect

    Live Your Life on a High Note! by

    When a singer or chorus achieves precisely the right tuning in the notes they sing, the intricate balance of sound frequencies creates overtones – extra notes that, while heard, are not actually being sung. Using the phenomenon of overtones as a ...

  • 10 Leadership Contracts

    Key Strategies to Build POWER Teams: Passion . Ownership . Wellness . Excellence . Relationships by

    This book is a practical guide to help ambitious, upwardly mobile individuals to build credible leadership. While the “contracts” are grounded in traditional strategic initiatives to advance one’s career and elevate the business “bottom-line”, the ...

  • Obligated No More

    A journey to a guilt free life by

    Are you putting in countless hours at work? Are you a single parent? Have you ever woke up and wondered where the last twenty years went? Ever asked yourself, “how the hell did I end up here?” In Obligated No More, Kristine will show you how to ...

  • The Purpose Roadmap


    CLARIFYING YOUR PURPOSE AND CALLING ISN’T DIFFICULT. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU HAVE A ROADMAP. You want purpose and direction. Purpose is what adds meaning to our lives and what fuels our sense of clear direction in life, peace, contentment, success, ...

  • You Are HIRED!

    40 Invaluable, Easy-to-Implement Career Tips to Land Your Dream Job Quickly by

    From positioning your brand to mastering social media, Murali offers a wealth of information to set you apart. His tips and insights are valuable to anyone looking to advance their career. - Margaret Jetelina, Editor, Canadian Immigrant ...

  • The Treasure You Seek

    A Year's Reflection on Inspiration and Change by

    Joseph Campbell, the twentieth-century American mythologist and lecturer, once said that “the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” Part diary, part social commentary and part inspirational time-capsule, Siobhan Kukolic has created ...

  • Fired Up For Life

    How To Get & Stay Motivated by

    “If you need a dose of upbeat medicine - this is it.” TONY CAMPOLO, PHD - EASTERN UNIVERSITY “A book that sizzles with wisdom. Tremendous thoughts to rekindle the fires of a servant.” CHARLES “TREMENDOUS” JONES, AUTHOR OF Life Is Tremendous “This ...