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private investigator, murder mystery, crime, whodunit, private detective, American, police procedural

Onions and Oranges
A Willis Prescott Mystery
by Kathy Dorsey

After twenty-five years with the Sacramento Police Department, Willis Prescott has now spent almost ten years as a private investigator. So far, many of his cases have been rather straight forward—that is, until Will receives a call from Lorna McIntyre. Six months ago, her twenty-seven-year-old son, Jamie, was killed. The police declared his death an accident caused by a drunk driver and closed the case, but Mrs. McIntyre believes otherwise—she believes her son was murdered.

Even though he may tread on the toes of his former colleagues, especially those of his best friend, Lieutenant Mike White, Will decides to take on the case but, differently. Instead of the standard police investigative routine, Will adopts a unique approach. He seeks to understand the victim and those linked to his case. Will follows a trail of clues until he uncovers the truth, layer by layer.

“What a delightful and wonderful book! I want to read it all over again.”

—Edye Allen, Portland, Oregon

“Meticulously concocted. Onions and Oranges brings powerful and tangy flavors together. A piquant roller coaster ride!”

—Flore Baudouin, Lincoln, California

“If you like to read whodunnits, then you will love Onions and Oranges.”

—Dan Ernst, Del Webb Spruce Creek, Florida

“I thoroughly enjoyed Onions and Oranges - finished the last 100 pages in one wonderful

afternoon. I love Big Macs too!”

—Jan Ernst, Del Webb Spruce Creek, Florida

“Onions and Oranges kept me guessing. Kathy’s style is unpretentious and straightforward. She’s made a reader out of this non-reader.”

—Bernadette Johannessen, Summerfield, Florida

“Like Kathy’s other books, I enjoyed Onions and Oranges. Her writing style is impressive. Willis Prescott is so comfortable. It was like I was in the company of an old friend.”

—Jo-Anne Robertson, Brampton, Ontario

“Onions and Oranges has a nice cadence and well-developed characters. The outcome was not what I expected. And, as it turns out, oranges do have 10 segments - I checked.”

—Steven Taylor, Bethel, Connecticut

Kathy Dorsey photo

Kathy Dorsey has over thirty years of writing experience and has enjoyed a successful business career in both Canada and the United States. In addition to a weekly newspaper column for the Lincoln News Messenger (2008 until 2015), she has written two other books: Just Jeeves: Life lessons from the end of a short leash (2019) and Sidewalk Spots (2020). She currently resides in Central Florida, with her husband, Terry, and Yorkshire Terrier, Jeeves.


Kathy Dorsey

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