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Meaning of life, Personal purpose, Personal conflicts, Midlife crisis, Find your potential, Spiritual growth, Soul-searching

Your Realm Of Life
by William Cameron

One person’s perspective of life and it's evolution. All personally from my soul and how I’ve dealt with certain challenges along the way. A look into my sacred circle of life from poems to personal thoughts. How can we keep it healthy as we journey forward through the challenges we face in life. How we can develop tools at any age to be able to make these choices each morning. Do I face the day or do I embrace the day? Followed by breaking life down to a simple equation as life is 99% health and 1% choice. What can we do with those choices?

A heartfelt journey into Your Realm of Life. A break down of life's journey and living each day with harmony. It's making the ultimate choice each morning between embracing the day or facing the day. A pouring of one's soul in hopes of helping others on their journey to a successful life.

William Cameron is a 50 year old Father who lives in Yellowknife and has lived North for 30 years now. Originally from Salmo BC and works at the Ekati Diamond mine for 22 plus years and is a trainer at the Mine site. I am a Ham radio Operator VE8AP is my call sign and I am learning Photography as a new hobby and I still play some sports Slow pitch and Squash. I am a Montreal Canadiens fan and grew up Playing Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball. Hockey. I enjoy watching my Daughters soccer practices and spending time with my wife and family at our Cabin 50km out of Yellowknife. I have two sons and a Daughter as well that I love very much. We have a German Shepherd her name is Cookie and I have had a German Shepherds in my homes since I can remember. I would call myself a Hybrid person cause I am a heavy Metal music fan as well which really clashes with the Ham radio hobby haha. I am unique and proud of that and always will be.


William Cameron

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