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Inspirational poetry, Diversity, Free verse poetry, Black author, Canadian poetry, Memoir, Thoughtful

Hard As Diamond, Soft As Silk
by Lorna Marie Hawkins

Fifty spectacular, fresh, and deeply emotional Poems and Short Stories invite you to delve further within these pages.

Lorna Marie Hawkins has masterfully crafted diverse Poems and Short Stories that depict her own life experiences and poetic imagery of heartbreak, mental illness, loss, gambling addictions, tears, childhood trauma, physical and emotional abuse, poverty and betrayal.

Hard As Diamond, Soft As Silk, comes to life with a ray of sunshine from some of the darkest challenging moments in life and is a legacy of hope, healing, insights, inspiration, love, triumphant, laughter, appreciation for life, forgiveness and self-acceptance.

These classic collections are from the heart and soul with a prismatic array of style, power, rhyme, and rhythm. They are intriguing, thought-provoking, informative and humorous. Riveting! Awakens and fortifies the mind on many dimensions that echo with your consciousness.

They resonate with a thirst for the truth, transparency, freedom of speech and expression that are bound to stir your senses, move you to feel emotions like never, compel you to share in her world and to see your own from a new perspective.

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Lorna Marie Hawkins was born in 1971 in St Mary, Jamaica. She pursued her elementary studies in Jamaica, and in 1987 she immigrated to Canada to live with her aunt. She completed her postsecondary education in the field of Accounting and worked with CIBC and Bell Canada for 10 years. Hawkins has done extensive volunteer work at several Non-Profit Organizations as a Mentor and Life-skills Coach to At-Risk Girls.

Continuing her education, Hawkins obtained a diploma from Centennial College in Food and Nutrition Management and worked at several different Shelters for Abused Women and Children for over 15 years as a Chef, Nutritionist, and Counselor. She has also worked for Community Centers with Young Mothers and Children teaching Life-skills, Culinary, Fitness, Nutrition and Budgeting.

Hawkins has been writing Poems and Short Stories as a hobby, recently she has embarked on a writing career full time.

Hawkins lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Lorna Marie Hawkins

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