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  • Canada

    A Poetic Landscape by

    Canada: A Poetic Landscape is a well-considered, joy-filled journey into the vast splendour of the Canadian landscape, its history and heritage, crafted through the lens of an artist turned poet. Experience every province and territory, the book ...

  • Another Land

    Glimpses of Life in Prose and Poetry by

    To visit Another Land, one must first embark on a journey, and then learn to appreciate new surroundings and be prepared for new experiences. Poet Elizabeth Fleet does just this in her collection of wonderfully lyrical poetry and insightful and ...

  • I Will Nevah Blackslide. I Will Nevah Tek It Back


    I Will Nevah Blackslide! I Will Nevah Tek It Back Vibes in Standard English and Yardie-patwa/patois- stylie - Isa relationship wid! Time! Things! Places! People's Attitude, behavior, emotional stable'bility, mental heal'th, spiritual growth - I'd ...

  • Live to Death

    The Beginning by

    "Live to Death" The idea of this book title was quite spontaneous as I find it difficult to find that perfect anything. However, the title does makes sense with my beliefs and a lot of what lies in this book. The idea is to simply live life to the ...

  • War


    Sometimes, in the most extreme situations, out of desperation, words come about. Not to be shared with others, nor to ever be read again. They are words scratched out onto paper in an attempt to give some kind of shape to the crucial & desperately ...

  • Dream Catcher and Reconciliation


    Wally du Temple, who was a social worker during the Sixties Scoop of aboriginal children, presents a convincing case for the need of reconciliation with First Nations and also with Mother Earth.

  • Stones Will Shout


    In Stones Will Shout, Helen E. Herr shares poetic anecdotes that demonstrate life's ironies and loveliness in equal measure. "Our children have left home for their careers/I just begin mine," she writes, reminiscing about obtaining a theology degree ...

  • As I Was Saying


    This collection invites you, the reader, into an ongoing conversation – one that, at times, skims the surface of experience, and at others, dives deeper. Just as a conversation drifts from one idea to another, so this subject matter flows from light ...

  • Burntroot


    A collection of poetry that speaks to the wonders of nature and the spiritual and psychological landscape of those who venture into its depth, Burntroot takes its readers on a profound journey. Inspired by a two-week canoe trip into Ontario’s ...

  • Inshallah

    #instapoetry by

    Inshallah claims its place amongst social media poetry and Instagram sensations like Rupi Kaur. These poems are like perfect cups and inside each is something essential. Personal, observational, and confessional, Inshallah carries themes of ...