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  • Our Words


    Our Words is eighty-two poems that speak of the beauty of creation and our place in the heart of it. Amidst the rush of everyday living it can be hard to find peace; Our Words offers the reader a place to do so, a haven where they can feel the ...

  • A Riddle to Ruin


    On the island I wake up on when I doze off, the air is heavy but the wind blows soft. There are no stairs to heaven as my glow is a little off. Boxed inside a spherical space. Death races to extinguish the life of brain cells in a place where the ...

  • Observations, Volume One

    Past Meets the Future? by

    The human experience is a journey through time, space and moments meant to expand our collective consciousness. These moments come and go in an instant. What did we feel, see and learn from these moments? This book is a collection of one man's ...

  • God Will Provide

    Walking by Faith, Not by Sight by

    The poems within God Will Provide speak about life’s blessedness and human restlessness, as observed and understood through the lens of an often near-sighted, middle aged husband and father of three. By sharing reflections, moments, and stories from ...

  • Freedom


    Finding meaning in life and giving weight to everything we do—this is the essence of Freedom. Ah-ha moments and epiphanies don’t happen very often in our lives. But, when they do, wouldn’t it be wonderful to record them, to reflect upon them at a ...

  • War


    Unique, genuine, and visceral. Dorach, in his first volume, shares a selection of 224 darkly intense personal poems themed around love, sex (the beginning of life) and death (the end of it) and the pain of tragedies that sometimes unfold between ...

  • Epiphany

    A Collection of Poems by

    Epiphany is a collection of poems that ranges in complexity while examining and revealing the depth of the human psyche from a contemporary, romantic, abstract, surrealist, erotic and natural position. The author applies both cold realism and ...

  • A Teenage Boy


    In the strange middle ground between no responsibility and all responsibility, it's tough for teenagers to find their place in the world. This fresh and gripping poetry collection takes on the struggles that youth face today, from high school ...

  • Hard Trails, Lean Dogs or Life of Ease

    A Book of Northern Rhymes by

    Hard Trails, Lean Dogs or Life of Ease: A Book of Northern Rhymes is a collection of snapshots—moments and thoughts from along the trail of author Darren Phillips’ life—accompanied by beautiful imagery from the Canadian North. It is a collection of ...