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  • Homecoming


    This book is about the lonely, the lost, and what it is like to live in the suffocating constraints of mental illness. I share stories of my own personal experiences, in hopes that you find comfort, even if only through relation. I have learnt ...

  • Hard As Diamond, Soft As Silk


    Fifty spectacular, fresh, and deeply emotional Poems and Short Stories invite you to delve further within these pages. Lorna Marie Hawkins has masterfully crafted diverse Poems and Short Stories that depict her own life experiences and poetic ...

  • Of This And That

    a very human experience by

    Karen has always been a creative person. Now, so late in life, the artist and designer have become a part of the past. Today, her creativity is mainly focused on thoughts and words. The wisdom that comes with age. To her, poetry seems to be the most ...

  • Midlife Musings

    Life, Love, God and the Universe by

    Everyday life and work can lead to a detached analytical mood, especially for those of us called to prize objectivity and strive for perfection. However, in certain seasons we become frightfully aware of our sensitive side, the vast ocean of emotion ...

  • Past Passed

    A Collection of Rock N’ Roll Poems by

    Kurt Cobain. Michael Stipe. Gord Downie. What do all of these artists have in common? They have all been major influences on the author and her poetry. This book contains over 100 original poems written in the author’s own poetic language that ...

  • Remnants of Our Life with Your Dementia

    A Poetic Memoir by

    A poignant account in poetic verse of one man’s journey with his wife, into the all-encompassing realm of her dementia.

  • Shitty Jody


    Heartbreak, new love, motherhood, and sex are anticipated events in most females’ lives. Krista’s journey in “Shitty Jody” not only resonates in our personal lives but gives a new colour imagery to feelings and ideas we have been unable to ...

  • Before The Yes


    Robert Graham’s new collection of poems Before The Yes invites a reader to take a closer look at many of the too-often unremarked yet significant features of everyday life and experience. To accomplish this, in each of its four major sections Graham ...

  • An Outlaw Named Jesus

    Offensively Blasphemous Poetry by

    This thought-provoking collection takes aim at the dark, irrational, immoral, and dangerous elements of religion; Televangelists preying on elderly victims, extant misogyny and witch-burning practices, racism, slavery and violence defended in holy ...

  • In the rising mist


    Kamal has crafted verses of beauty, life and childhood memories of India. Her verses reflect a poet’s delight in seeing beauty all around us, in self-reflection and quiet appreciation. Her verses speak of her acute observation, sensuousness and an ...