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  • Tales from Alberta Muskeg Country


    Alive with the wild sparkling of snow-covered trees, visited by ephemeral moose, and crackling with the fire of northern spirit, Tales from Alberta Muskeg Country is an electrifying and truly Canadian debut. Echoing with the wonder of the vast ...

  • Many More TC's Tales


    Many More TC'S Tales is the third volume of a trilogy of short stories by Thomas McCavour. Prairie Girl is the story of a young woman who becomes famous by sketching portrait figures and flowers. Jimmy became Prime Minister of Canada and had to ...

  • You Can't Make This Stuff Up


    In You Can’t Make This Stuff Up, William M. Scovell writes, “Somehow, we all get through it and land somewhere.” These stories find the mischievous and clever protagonist and a cast of colorful characters entangled in the web of life’s perplexing ...

  • Friends

    A Collection of Short Stories by

    This book includes six short stories all unrelated to each other. One story is true while the others are based on a bare minimum of fact and are almost totally fictional. The themes range from kids on vacation to murder to assisted dying and more. ...

  • The Fourth Installment


    The Fourth Installment. Is my fourth published book. It has the best stories for movies of all time. They are written in short story form. It continues on from the three books before. There is a GOD. There is a Satan. There is a Jesus Christ. There ...

  • The Burden of Light


    In an age when religion and spirituality have moved to the periphery of Western culture, The Burden of Light reveals characters who find themselves confronted by grace and a transcendent, eternal presence that is the backdrop to their lives. ...

  • The Third Book


    This is my third published book called The Third Book. The short stories are always written for movies. First off want to thank again writer author Stephen King for liking my stories and my books. That brought 300 Hollywood celebrities to come see ...

  • Tales, Topics, Trivia and Travel


    Part fiction, part memoir, this comprehensive collection of short works showcases decades of writing by Lynn Gold. Comprising over two hundred individual pieces, Tales, Topics, Trivia, and Travel is wide-ranging, touching on topics such as marriage, ...

  • Pseudo


    In this stunning and keenly anticipated collection of stories, Dorothy Speak explores family, loss, betrayal, conflict and entrapment in narratives shining with humour, mystery and anguish. Speak has published four other highly acclaimed works, ...