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  • Anchor of My Heart

    Memories of a Cape Breton Childhood by

    This book of short stories offers the readers a window into the life of the author as a young boy growing up in New Waterford, Cape Breton in the 1960’s. Focused on simple encounters with family, friends and those who came into his life, the stories ...

  • Gunfight at the Haywire Blacksmith Shop

    (And some other stories) by

    Thought-provoking, humorous, and only a half-step away from reality, this collection of short stories by Donald Artz tours the reader through a world of delightfully flawed characters, bizarre scenarios, and overly bureaucratic solutions. The pieces ...

  • East or West

    A collection of twenty-two eclectic stories by

    East or West is a worldly, eclectic collection of linked short fiction. In these pages are stories that explore themes like the clash of cultures of east and west, the small instances that shape great lives, starting over, and more. A new holy site ...

  • Tales From The Tunnicliff Inn


    A two hundred year old Cooperstown village inn steeped in history, looming in mystery and renowned for local lore; with hundreds of stories encased within its brick walls, author Bill Waller unearths some of these these, weaves in some local ...

  • Paper Bird

    An English Childhood of the Great Depression by

    Paper Bird is a collection of childhood memories from award-winning author Jan Truss. Born in 1925 in Stoke-on-Trent, England, by the time Jan was six years old the Great Depression had arrived, forever altering her life. These stories are a vivid ...

  • To Tell A Tale Or Two

    Here's What I Have To Offer by

    This book has approximately forty thousand words in it. These words are separated into dozens and dozens of short stories, vignettes, and poems. These dozens and dozens of short stories, vignettes, and poems consist of a variety of themes. These ...

  • Kindred Lamp Posts


    This is the fourth in the Kindred series, preceded by Kindred Stories, Kindred Mischief, and Kindred Angels. You can find out more by visiting

  • Prairie Grass and Other Leaves

    Short Stories from the Midwest Plains by

    Midwest prairie grass has many leaves and many moods, and each of the sixteen short stories of this collection graphically conveys the challenge, pathos, and beauty evoked by that dramatic setting. “Prairie Voices” speaks through the voices of early ...

  • Home


    HOME- a series of short stories encouraging us to connect with what home means to us. It offers vignettes through a cast of characters in a variety of challenging, humorous, heart opening, fun situations. The poem in each story creates a rhythm ...