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Out of body experience, Near death experience, Religion and spirituality, Communion with God, Chronic pain, Self-improvement and learning, Canadian memoir

So I Can Tell YOU
by Gail Goodjohn

I write this book for anyone searching for what to believe. Through years of doubting all the conversations heard from friends and family about life in general, I was so very confused about who to believe, and what was the right choice. I questioned everyone and everything. I just existed day by day to get to tomorrow, and I worked hard to be a good student. I had a deeply ingrained desire to "be successful", yet I knew not what to do or how to get there.

Time passes and all our choices determine our reality. However, our understanding is also created from life events not of our choosing.

I share with you my life before 1987, and then the journey that I traveled since January 16, 1987, when I was in a horrid accident and experienced an out-of-body event. This life event forever has altered my thinking. I have spent over 30 years traveling this path, and in that journey have experienced some remarkable spiritual moments that have helped to define for me what is most important about this life.

I hope that in sharing my experiences you will more fully understand our deep connection to our creator. You will be convinced that the statement Let Go and Let God is a valuable thought to embrace and hold onto.

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I have a BEd and spent many years teaching young children to read and learn. I am a survivor who worked hard finding a way to be grateful for each day. How important it is to find grace and peace within our being regardless of the chaos of life. I am a mother, wife and grandmother. I also have a baby now and he gives me so much love. His name is Myke and he is a miniature schnauzer. Finding this puppy was an example of God's grace in the way it all worked out. I prayed and declared to the power above not knowing how to arrange this acquisition. So many moments of indecision and questioning occurred. In the end it all worked out as I decided to Let Go and Let God! Let peace enter your mind, body and soul. I hope my experiences will enrich your journey.


Gail Goodjohn

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