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Depression, Africa, Prejudice and racism, Bullying, Mental health, Personal growth, Family and friendship

Where I Was and Who I’ve Become
by Josephine M'Msafiri

I wanna see myself through someone else’s eyes. I wanna try to not live a lie.

But it’s hard when every time you’re told a lie. I just want my soul to fly…

When Josephine M'Msafiri immigrated to Canada as a young girl, she expected to soar with new opportunities; instead, her new life brought her torment and pain. Where I Was and Who I’ve Become is an intimate look into a young woman’s traumatic childhood where bullying, racism, and sexual abuse led to anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression.

I wanted to die just for a moment to get a sense of relief.

But this is also a tale of triumph over adversity as she navigates her way through challenges to let her soul fl y on the wings of self-advocacy, self acceptance, and self-love. Josephine began writing poems to express the emotions trapped inside her; she wrote this book to give herself a voice

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Josephine M’Msafiri is the youngest of six children raised by a single mother. When she was little, her mother moved the family from Nairobi, Kenya, to Canada. Growing up in poverty as an immigrant, Josephine experienced intolerance, hardship, and abuse. Her unique experiences, though difficult, make it easier for her to help others in the same situation navigate their own challenges.

Josephine lives in Brantford, Ontario with her three children, two cats and a dog.


Josephine M'Msafiri

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