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  • Recovering From Sexual Abuse

    How I Survived Deep Suicidal Thoughts And Found A Connection To PTSD by

    This is a true story about the physiological hurdles that followed me through my journey in life and how the abuse from an Uncle that took advantage of the family inner circle changed my life. How I met the challenges I encountered after the abuse ...

  • Sorry Only Means it Will Happen Again


    This book gives you the view point of what a victim and child experience in a domestic violent relationship. People wonder why women stay, and as you read this book, you may understand the reasons; not that we wanted to stay, but that we saw no way ...

  • Living Past Being a Victim


    Someone living in an abusive situation has to endure not only fear and physical pain but also feelings of isolation, shame, and hopelessness. Why is this happening? Why doesn’t he just leave? I can’t let anyone know what’s really going on. Danielle ...

  • The Caged Giant

    From Victim through Survivor to Thriver by

    Recovery is possible! Many of us in society today are functioning reasonably well, while others are struggling. We have a sense that there could be more to our lives: more contentment, more achievement, more love and happiness. Yet, it’s as if ...

  • Both Sides Now


    Incest is a scourge on society in every part of the world, every level of society, and a family somewhere on every block. It spans generations, poisons families, and blights lives. It is nourished and protected by a culture of denial within ...

  • Abuse No More

    Keys to Freedom From Abuse by

    Do you know someone whose freedom is stolen and they are servant day and night to a controller? How controllers work is one of the biggest mysteries of any relationship. The enemy one sleeps with, can also be smart, kind, and do many good ...

  • Bound by Hurt


    In the face of unthinkable abuse, healing and restoration become equally unimaginable. Hidden scars impact emotional development, and horrific memories pave a path to depression and despondency. As Fabiola Manyi-Orellana declares in Bound By Hurt, ...

  • Broken and Beautiful


    The Japanese have an ancient tradition called kintsugi. Instead of discarding a beautiful bowl that has been broken, they use gold to repair it, creating a vessel that is unique and even more valuable than before. Kintsugi illustrates the truth that ...

  • I Empower

    A Heal Kit Initiative for PTSD by

    Healing is really not about overcoming all your challenges to lead a happy life; it is really to be happy with the life you are leading with all its complications. This is an important distinction. I used to strive to be better, stronger, happier, ...