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Herobrine is Watching cover

Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Action and adventure, Herobrine, Gaming boys, Minecraft, Monsters, Zombies, Hero Stories

Herobrine is Watching
The New Adventures of Adam and Marky Episode I
by Stu Cork

When best friends Adam and Marky decide to explore a spooky abandoned building on their way home from school one day, they soon discover it’s more than just a crumbling old factory. Inside, a terrifying monster, Herobrine, is building an army of darkness by creating hordes of zombies, and he plans to unleash his forces against the world. They’re alone and scared, but they know they are the only ones who can stop Herobrine’s evil desire for conquest before it’s too late.

Will they have the courage to act quickly and save the world from the darkness that’s about to be unleashed?

Stu Cork writes, edits, and produces an animated series of short, Minecraft-themed videos using the Adam and Marky characters. He and his wife, Susan, have also published journals, coloring books, calendars, and notebooks. They live with their sons, Andrew and Bradley, in Markham, Ontario.


Stu Cork

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