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Personal testimony, Christian leader, restoration process, redemption, ministry, mercy, moral failure

Pursued by Grace
A Pastor's Restorative Journey
by Colin A. Gittens

In Pursued by Grace: A Pastor's Restorative Journey, Colin recounts his experience of moral failure and his public and humiliating removal from ministry as a lead pastor of a large congregation. He candidly shares the effects this had on his family and on himself as a husband, father, and member of the clergy.

Supported by references from the scriptures and lessons learned from other literature, Colin weaves his own story in with a very thorough examination of what leads someone—especially a Christian leader—to sin. He offers a firsthand account of the true cost of sin, and juxtaposes that humiliating and alienating ordeal with the tender, yet firm, love of his Heavenly Father, his loyal wife, his family and his supportive friends. Pursued by Grace is a story of redemption, restoration and resilience in the face of failure. While of particular interest to pastors, bible college students, and other Christian and secular leaders, this book provides important reflections and lessons for anyone struggling to avoid temptation, recover from doing wrong, and follow a Christian path.

“In Pursued by Grace, Colin offers an honest and candid perspective on the pain and difficulties that arise from a moral failure. He also describes the journey of hope and healing that is available for those willing to pursue restoration. He underscores the importance of the old adage; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; and this is so very true in terms of ministerial health and wholeness.”

—Rev. Craig Burton, District Superintendent

Eastern Ontario and Nunavut

The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

“Becoming their pastor, then friend I had the incredible privilege of witnessing God’s grace on display in Colin and Dorselie’s lives firsthand. This book, and their lives are a powerful reminder of discovering God’s very best even when we feel we are at our very worst. Pursued by Grace is an honest, transparent journey that is packed

with wonderful redemptive and pre-emptive truths.

Read this book and allow God’s grace to catch you!”

—Dr. J.D. Mallory

Lead Pastor, Gulf Coast Church, North Port, FL

"Pursued By Grace is shockingly and refreshingly sincere. It was written from a place of absolute trust in and surrender to God. This book has the power to break the cycle of sin in the lives of readers, while simultaneously teaching them how to completely let go and fall into God’s arms of grace especially in life’s most difficult moments."

—Sam Tita

Author of Radical Prayers Radical Results

“Truth, indeed, sets us free; not only the truth of who Jesus is, but also the truth of who we are. My friend, Colin Gittens courageously shares his story to encourage the reader to know their story. This book is Biblical, personal, practical and transformational. I am a firm believer that if you don’t process your issues, your issues will process you. Colin courageously shares his story to encourage others to face themselves.”

—Rev. Mark Hazzard

Missions Regional Director, Latin America/Caribbean

The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

“Colin writes with absolute candor. His journey will absolutely speak to many. Thankfully, God’s grace is abundant.”

—Rev. Frank Patrick

Church Consultant

COLIN GITTENS WAS born in Guyana, South America, and came to Canada in 1972. Originally a school teacher, Colin felt a clear call from God to prepare for full-time ministry in 1984. After graduating from Eastern Pentecostal Bible College (now Masters’ College and Seminary) in 1987, he received his pastoral credentials from the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC).

For over three decades, Colin has pastored three congregations and ministered in various prisons. After resigning from his church, he intentionally followed a restoration program, sought counselling, and relied on the Holy Spirit to restore his heart to the place where he once enjoyed intimacy with God.

He wrote Pursued by Grace because if his fall and removal from ministry can serve to help even one other leader from succumbing to temptation, then telling his story would be worth it all. He remains forever thankful that “God sent His loving grace to pursue me, stop me in my tracks, turn me around, and bring me back into His fold.”

Today, Colin and his wife Dorselie attend a PAOC church and reside in the Greater Toronto area. They have three children and four grandchildren.


Colin A. Gittens
Foreword by
Donald A. Lichi

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