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  • Inspired By Love and Anger

    A Pilgrimage Journal by

    In 2006, Christopher Jacob Rooney left his home in Vancouver to go on a pilgrimage, visiting, living, and working in Catholic Worker Communities across Canada and the United States, serving the poor while protesting the war in Iraq. With candid ...

  • The Storyteller's Son

    A Memoir of Loss and Hope in the Storm by

    A storyteller, upon realizing his life is short, begins to prepare his seven-year-old son Wesley for a dark, fatherless future. Using Bible stories, he tries to convince his son to be a lifetime follower of the God who loves him and longs to be his ...

  • Without Reserve


    Dorinda Vollmer has lived a life full of music, art, and poetry, which have sustained her in the happiest and the darkest of times. Her abiding passion has always been to live a life of purpose. With determination and courage, Dorinda often chose ...

  • Only One Way

    Cleave To Jesus Christ by

    This is a gritty story; faith that submerges into hellish existence and where it all implodes. Joy is a naive girl, curiously lured in by forbidden temptations. Being enticed, she is vividly engulfed, entrenched by foolish desires. Crystal meth and ...

  • Roman Jacobson's Prism

    Learning the language of Faith by

    Roman Jacobson’s Prism: Learning the Language of Faith is a dissertation that examines the common elements found in the catechetical documents of the three mainline Canadian churches—the Anglican, Roman Catholic, and United Church. Dr. Hunt employs ...

  • Eternity with Yeshua Hamashiach


    Around the world, including Israel, there are a growing number of adherents to Messianic Judaism. Messianic Jews form a religious group that believes Yeshua Hamashiach (the Hebrew name for Jesus the Messiah) is the true Messiah as known in ...

  • Still Standing

    A Personal Journey to Find the Heart of God and to Restore Mine by

    Growing up in a prairie farm family, with a very close-knit church community, Paul Vollmin is raised to believe that a Christian should be different. But somehow, even though the Bible tells him that he has changed when he’s accepted Jesus as his ...

  • Death of a Sorcerer


    This is one man's supernatural experience with the dark spiritual world. It documents Martin Decker's experience with the forces of light, how and why he became a sorcerer, and his struggle for redemption.

  • Equals and Partners

    A Spiritual Journey Toward Reconciliation and Oneness, Wazin Îchinabi by

    Canada is poised to reconcile its centuries-long fraught history with Indigenous peoples and to establish justice. What fundamental spiritual principles should guide this challenging process and bring together peoples who have been separated for so ...

  • Edilia Her Father's Testimony

    El testimonio de su padre English-Español by

    Edilia Most beautiful butterfly, sun of burning love, you shined in my life, A winter’s cold wind led your voyage to the Divine Sanctuary, Crossing the rainbow you extended your wings of hope, But you left us the bonds of your abiding love. Jesus, ...