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  • It’s Real Ministry

    How Part-time and Bi-vocational Clergy are Challenging and Empowering the Church by

    Time to challenge your current thinking about ministry! Probe your assumptions about congregational well-being. Address your assumptions. Open the possibility of unleashing a significant new wave of Christian mission. Find new, fulfilling ...

  • Pursued by Grace

    A Pastor's Restorative Journey by

    In Pursued by Grace: A Pastor's Restorative Journey, Colin recounts his experience of moral failure and his public and humiliating removal from ministry as a lead pastor of a large congregation. He candidly shares the effects this had on his family ...

  • The Pastor-Congregation Duet


    In a time of shifting worldviews and changing expectations of the church, how does a pastor navigate the challenges, joys, and pains of ministry? How does a church support, love, and hold accountable its pastoral leaders? The key lies in the ...

  • My Life

    From Bermuda To Vancouver Island by

    Hi friends and strangers. I hope you will enjoy reading this book which I have written about my life. You may identify with some of it yourself. Have you been to Bermuda or Vancouver Island? If not dream along with me friends as this story of mine ...