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Family, Dysfunction, Betrayal, Gambling, Disability, Perseverance, Hope

And They Thought I Had It All
by Sara Gordon

From her idyllic childhood and loving family to her storybook wedding. It appears that Sara Gordon has the perfect life. But as she gradually comes to grips with her husband’s deceitful ways, she must make the decision she has put off for a very long time. Her dilemma is more difficult because she has two young children, one of whom has special needs, a cruel mother-in-law and an evil brother. And then there’s the matter of who will control her parent’s restaurant empire. This rollercoaster ride is the true story of one woman’s journey to discovering the strength to learn how she can truly have it all.

"Imbued with grace and thoughtfulness, And They Thought I had it All is a memoir about persevering through hidden struggles.... Gordon's eloquent sentences flow, and her scenes are easy to picture.... All of the emotional threads are tied together by its cathartic conclusion."

- Foreword Clarion Reviews

Sara Gordon's true life story is material for a novel. As a first-time author and business executive, Sara boldly tells her story in the new autobiography And They Thought I Had It All. Throughout her adult life, her friends encouraged her to share her story of emotional pain, perseverance and hope. Although Sara changed names, locations and a few details in the book to protect the privacy of those involved, she shares her journey and explores what it means in life to have it all. Today, she lives a wonderful life in the Pacific Northwest happily married to her second husband Nick. She loves spending time with her grandkids and writing. She has finally found her happiness.


Sara Gordon

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