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  • Let's Destroy Alberta's Families


    The true story of two grandparents fighting for the return of their illegally apprehended grandson by Child and Family Services Alberta (CFSA). The story starts when the grandson was apprehended at the age of three under the pretense that the drug ...

  • Uncle Funky's a Drunk, Skunk

    A Conversation-starter for Kids about Alcohol by

    Little Skunky loves his Uncle Funky, but it unsettles him when his uncle drinks. One day, after Uncle Funky trips over Little Skunky and yells at him, Mommy Skunky holds Little Skunky on her lap and explains his uncle’s strange and unpredictable ...

  • And They Thought I Had It All


    From her idyllic childhood and loving family to her storybook wedding. It appears that Sara Gordon has the perfect life. But as she gradually comes to grips with her husband’s deceitful ways, she must make the decision she has put off for a very ...

  • One Way Ticket


    Headed for Germany from Denmark, nineteen-year-old Birgit had her whole life ahead of her. Independent and free, she was pursuing her dream to learn commercial fashion art, planning to work abroad before returning to Sweden to settle. Birgit met ...

  • Walking Through Madness


    A mysterious, years-old skull fracture. Ever-changing stories and excuses. A volatile mother. At the age of 57, Emily Knew discovered she had broken bones but had no memory of how she got them. She’d always known she was different from others but ...

  • I'm Still Standing

    Saved by God's Amazing Grace: From Brokenness to Wholeness by

    Lorne Gregory was on top of the world the day she married Jamie Jones. But within weeks of their marriage, it became painfully obvious that something was wrong. Believing deeply in her vow to love and support him for better or worse, Lorne pulls out ...

  • Around Each Corner

    A Memoir by

    Around Each Corner is an enormously personal and revealing tale of an extraordinary life. Here is a tale that traces back to the earliest days of an individual who was raised in extremely challenging circumstances. With a deft hand and a refreshing ...

  • Fullness of an Empty Life


    Fullness of an Empty Life is the autobiography of Ivars S. Oberfelds, in which he chronicles his multiple sexual exploits, a string of failed relationships and discarded families, as he searches for an exclusive answer to the question, "Who am I?" ...