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  • One Destiny


    In her teens, Kim met Joey, who she was sure was her twin flame. The story unfolds to reveal the beauty and promise of young love. However, when a horrible event occurs, Kim underestimates the profound impact it would imprint on her entire life, ...

  • My Life

    From Bermuda To Vancouver Island by

    Hi friends and strangers. I hope you will enjoy reading this book which I have written about my life. You may identify with some of it yourself. Have you been to Bermuda or Vancouver Island? If not dream along with me friends as this story of mine ...

  • One Cornishman's Children

    Travels of a Camborne mining family by

    These are just two children out of the thousands descended from the Cornish mining men who worked around the world, beginning in the 19th century.

  • Being Bertha

    How a Wayward Woman Became a Local Legend by

    The Ekelund family moved to Canada in 1903 and settled in what is now Southern Alberta when Bertha, their sixth child was only five years old. Growing up in a family that was torn apart by the tragedy of their mother’s death, Bertha developed an ...

  • How Could She Do It?....?


    We’ve all heard horror stories of sexual abuse, incest, and rape ... and we’ve heard stories even more horrific, wherein children are conceived in this violence and violation. But what happens when these children are born of children? Children who ...

  • I Heard the Curlew Cry


    Have you ever asked yourself; Who am I? Where is my life going? Is there a purpose and meaning to it all? The answers are often hidden in plain sight, within the fabric of our own individual journey. I HEARD THE CURLEW CRY is the story of one ...

  • A Separate Branch

    An Untold True Story of the Writer's Life by

    What people say about you is a reflection on them and not on you. Sometimes broken roads lead to the best destinations. Having no verbal support from the family I was born into left me alone and lost for many years. There may be many obstacles, ...

  • The Greatest Gift

    Finding 100 blessings from the Fort McMurray Wild Fire by

    Joy Ellen Lalonde is a Life Coach, Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach and Personal Training Specialist. On her personal quest to enlightenment and a deeper meaning in life, she is put to the test while being evacuated from her home for over a ...

  • Dancing My Way Through Hell!


    Her mother sternly said, “Gene! Stop that tap dancing right now! You’re going to dance your way to hell!” The first half of her life surely felt that way – three sexual assaults, two abusive husbands, three children for whom she was the sole ...

  • Life Lessons of Elizabeth Hille


    Elizabeth Hille was a strong-willed, resourceful, straight-talking woman who lived to help others and share the lessons she had learned. In this powerful and unique memoir, published after her death, she offers compelling snapshots of her journey ...