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cancer survivor, cancer family support, coping with cancer, don’t give up, believe in yourself, healing

by Christopher Sean Stewart

People don’t want to just walk through life but seek to walk into it.

Life is far from perfect. Often, it’s full of hard choices. Waking up from a coma to discover his eighteen-year-old body contained seven stage-four cancerous tumors, Christopher Stewart’s battle for his life began. For Chris, the easy choice was to fight for his life. The hard one was choosing to be himself in the process.

Through this journey, Chris saw firsthand that life is filled with challenge, fear, pain, and chaos but that there is also love and beauty to be found and good memories to be made. Breakthrough offers insight into how beautifully haunting our lives can be, as Chris tells how to:

- let go of the expectations to be a pretender

- every day choose to be yourself—the person you were destined to be

- accept yourself for who you are

- chase your dreams, because anything is obtainable!

Chris was able to make a breakthrough. And through this book he believes that you can breakthrough too. By facing fear, chaos, and pain, you too can find a more meaningful life.

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As a stage-four cancer survivor who underwent multiple rounds of surgery, chemo, and radiation, Christopher Sean Stewart had to learn to survive and to fight for his life and his future. Even though all the odds were stacked against him, with the help of his family and medical team, he has lived to tell the tale in this, his first book.

Christopher lives in Edmonton with his family.


Christopher Sean Stewart

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