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The Mindful Boomer
Skills for Aging and Dying
by Nancy Leach

IF YOU’VE REACHED A CERTAIN AGE, you may be wondering about the “golden years” and when they’ll start. But, as many Baby Boomers will tell you, sometimes it feels more like rusting, as chronic conditions make themselves known . . . and felt. The Mindful Boomer: Skills for Aging and Dying is a gentle guide to the practice of mindful meditation. Through mindful meditation you will learn how to manage the stress, anxiety, and aches and pains associated with your aging body. Just a few hours a week of quiet reflection has significant mental health benefits as well. Research with MRIs has proven that just eight weeks of mindful meditation training shrinks the area of the brain that triggers the “fight or flight” response that leads to anxiety and depression. The Mindful Boomer: Skills for Aging and Dying provides fifteen guided meditations to help you strengthen your consciousness, sensory clarity, and mental calmness and composure. It may also help you come to peace with yourself, your past, and your relationships with others.

"None of us knows how our particular old age and dying time will unfold. Some people manage well, but others face an ever-shrinking range of daily opportunities, and potentially a host of other losses and infirmities. The wise among us prepare, taking systematic measures to reduce suffering and maximize happiness. Nancy is a psychotherapist and long-time meditator, who with compassion and skill normalizes the struggles of aging and dying and in clear, compelling, step-by-step fashion leads the reader through a manageable path to peace of mind." —Shinzen Young Author of The Science of Enlightenment Creator of Unified Mindfulness

NANCY LEACH, MAT, MSc, BMCP is a psychotherapist holding Masters’ degrees in teaching and psychology. She is a meditator, a yoga practitioner of fifty years, a graduate of the advanced training of The Centre for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, DC, and the former program director of HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre in Waterloo, Ontario. In recent years, she has been drawn to working with those who are grappling with the unique challenges that appear late in life and has come to believe in the power of Mindfulness as an effective aid to managing physical pain and dealing with end of life issues. She is also the author of The Body Means Well: Empowered Healing, published in 2007.


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