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  • Do Not Ignore Your Mortality

    Practical Advice From a Funeral & Financial Insider by

    You will be hard pressed to find another book like this one. Greg has delicately pulled together a gripping message that so many adults need to hear. Only about half the adult population of Canada and the U.S. have a current and valid will. The ...

  • A Life Continued

    Living After Losing Your Best Friend by

    “Fear mixed with dread, combined with a heart racing, stomach-churning sense of panic . . .” Donna Easter’s reminiscence of her husband’s death to prostate cancer cuts deep. Even if you’ve never lost a partner, grief comes in all shapes, she ...

  • Demystifying Grief

    What You Need to Know to Heal by

    There are an estimated 258 million widows worldwide. Demystifying Grief is a primer for women who’ve lost their partners, an accessible handbook on the physical, emotional, and behavioral effects of grief, and how to survive and heal. In June 2018, ...

  • Journeys of Grief and Loss


    Based completely on lived experience, this book shares the similar and different journeys that people have taken after the loss of a child, a life partner, or a parent. Every circumstance is unique, and has its own pain and joy. The history and ...

  • The Mindful Boomer

    Skills for Aging and Dying by

    IF YOU’VE REACHED A CERTAIN AGE, you may be wondering about the “golden years” and when they’ll start. But, as many Baby Boomers will tell you, sometimes it feels more like rusting, as chronic conditions make themselves known . . . and felt. The ...

  • The Funny Thing about Death

    Changing Our "No Tears, Please" Culture by

    Death is among the most natural, and most confusing, parts of being human. Its inevitability and universality do nothing to alleviate our messy feelings about the subject. It’s why you have no idea what to say when your friend loses a beloved family ...

  • Hallowed Ground

    Stories of the Yale Pioneer Cemetery by

    This book makes it easy with its compelling collection of stories about the people who are buried at the Yale Pioneer Cemetery, an antique burial ground “at a stopping point between Fort Langley and Fort Kamloops,” BC. Established in 1858, the Yale ...

  • When Death Speaks

    Listen, Learn, and Love by

    Death has been pushed out of life and into a dark and lonely ‘morgue’. North American’s generally approach the topic of death with fear and denial in hand. When Death Speaks is all about changing the conversation to one of openness and ...