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Self-help, Personal Growth, Self-esteem, Anxiety, Spiritual Growth, Awareness, Body Mind & Spirit

Becoming Your Own Hero
A Step-by-Step Guide to Living Your Best Life
by Parmida Barez

All of our lives we’ve been told that superheroes are these “fictional” characters with extraordinary powers, yet every day, millions of us put on our capes, and continue to face and overcome the obstacles, adversities, and hurdles in our lives. 

But, are we using our inner-Heroes correctly? 

In Becoming Your Own Hero author Parmida Barez guides readers on the journey of becoming your life’s truest Hero. A journey that leads to you not only putting on your cape but truly owning and earning it, perhaps for the first time. Her proven and practical approaches can be successfully applied by people from all walks of life to decipher where they are sitting on the Hero spectrum and how they can unlock their next level of purposeful, self-aware, and empowered living. Along this journey, you will learn how to free yourself from self-sabotaging thoughts, behaviours, and associations that have been holding you back. Becoming Your Own Hero isn’t just a ‘to-do’ list; it’s a lifestyle that is within your reach.

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Parmida Barez is an award-winning motivational speaker, educator, personal empowerment & public speaking coach who has worked with numerous individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations in Canada and internationally. Having personally overcome anxiety disorder, depression, panic attacks, and agoraphobia, her unique story captivates, empowers and inspires others to become the Heroes of their own lives. Parmida’s educational background is vast, ranging from degrees in political science, business, and education, as well as professional training in etiquette and hypnotherapy. Visit her website at


Parmida Barez

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