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Authentic learning, Experiential learning, Hands-on learning, Real life learning, Education transformation, Sub-Saharan Africa, Student-centred learning

You Can't Make “Fish Climb Trees”
Overcoming Educational Malpractice through Authentic Learning by Lawrence Muganga

In our rapidly changing global environment where learning methods, styles and access vary dramatically it is increasingly necessary to stimulate conversation around drastically revolutionizing education. In You Can’t Make a Fish Climb Trees: Overcoming Educational Malpractice through Authentic Learning author and scholar Lawrence Muganga advocates for educational transformation and exposes our archaic education systems modeled for nineteenth-century Europe, which has allowed governments and administrators to structure and deliver education as if it were an assembly line. The current model largely discounts students’ individual differences and natural abilities impacting their ability to transition from the classroom into the workforce.

While he focuses on the need for more dynamic education models in Sub-Saharan Africa, Muganga establishes applications for the presence of Authentic Learning—where teaching happens in a student-centered environment filled with real-world applications—throughout the global community. Drawing from the research of educational experts worldwide, he advocates for the kind of revolutionized education model that would see students’ individuality used to empower them so that they can navigate their future and the workforce successfully.

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Lawrence Muganga was born in Uganda, where his family fled to refugee camps upon leaving Rwanda during the mass ethnic killings during the late 1950s. After passing through Uganda’s education system and observing its financial, infrastructural, and philosophical challenges, Lawrence obtained his MA in Economic Policy Management. He currently serves as a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Educational Policy Studies at the University of Alberta. His main area of research is Authentic Learning – an education that prepares students for the real world by equipping them with real-life skills to face now and the future.

Lawrence has held positions in Canada, Ethiopia, and Rwanda focused on researching, planning, developing, implementing, and assessing policies that improve the quality of life for vulnerable populations. He has won awards for his work in program development and policy management. He currently works as a Program and Policy Advisor for the government of Alberta, where his holistic approach of uniting stakeholders towards a common cause has resulted in the creation of programs that empower people facing socioeconomic barriers.

A proud and loving father, Lawrence aspires to see his children receive a top-quality education that facilitates meaningful learning.


Lawrence Muganga

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