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Messages From the Other Side of the Universe
Lessons From Desolation Point
by Eric Unwin

Who will benefit from this? Anyone that has experienced desolation or knows of someone that has. This workbook was written during a healing time while in the beautiful space of Australia and New Zealand though the Creator of All, GOD, sometimes called the MYSTERY. Each lesson came from walking through my own desolation points. Each one being a seed for this workbook. My desire is to share each lesson. How each desolation point is turned from hopelessness, depression and despair to new hope self-discovery, finding your unique purpose, being loved, and finding grace and mercy given by Mystery. Birthing this workbook came with its own challenges from translating my thoughts into words that would bring clarity and healing to others.

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Eric Unwin, born in 1965, Englehart, Ontario to lumberjack parents, being the youngest of 3 children. Eric’s mother suffered a severe stroke shortly after he was born, and although he, himself, was born with a number of developmental challenges, and faced with many times in life where he wanted to give up, Eric kept on. Eric’s grandmother was very influential in bring him up in the old ways, helping him to understand life’s energy and the ways of people. To understand Eric, you need to know that he was born at the exact right time and place, and to exactly the right family. Eric was faced with situations which taught him how to shape, move, and change energy. It was through the desolation and challenges in this life that gave him many great opportunities to learn from an amazing array of teachers. As he says, we continually learn from all those around us. Although Eric uses stories as one of the many tools of learning, growing, and healing, language, in particular, has been very cumbersome for him, to say the least. The stories and lessons contained within are some of the anecdotes of his life’s journey. Eric is now an Energy Empath who travels internationally giving hope through sharing the wisdom gained on his life’s path. Having the intuitive ability to see the waveforms of energy and emotion, Eric is able to guide others on life’ path, with the guidance of the Creator of All. He often says that he is just a piece of the puzzle and is only a bit farther down the road than some. Eric’s current endeavor is facilitating the Centre for the Mystery. Classes can be taken in-person and online. With each topic and class session, Eric’s hope is to create a place where people can find their life’s purpose they have come to fulfill, and to understand the true nature of the amazing beings they are. The classes are designed to be taught through the lessons of life, and it is through these lessons that people will discover their purpose and see that they are truly, amazingly created beings.


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