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  • Addiction:The Light and the Dark

    Poems in Recovery by

    I know my demons, And I’ve met yours. I don’t like your chances, In this upcoming war. All the pieces written for this book were conceived between March 2013 and January 2014. They are the Light and the Dark and all feelings in between.They are an ...

  • How To Become a Successful (recovering) Alcoholic


    Sobriety isn’t a destination, it’s an ongoing journey, one with which J.P. Willson is all too familiar. In How to Become a Successful (recovering) Alcoholic, Willson is eager to offer whatever insights he can for those embarking on the same road. ...

  • Spiritual Transformation

    An In-depth Examination of Addictions, Culture, Relationships, and the Twelve-Step Journey from Addicted to Recovered. by

    Spiritual Transformation examines the subtle and complex nature of addictions and poly-addictions—alcohol, drugs, pornography, shopping, eating, work, etc., the myths and traps that defeat recovery from them, the structure and intent of each of the ...

  • Messages From the Other Side of the Universe

    Lessons From Desolation Point by

    Who will benefit from this? Anyone that has experienced desolation or knows of someone that has. This workbook was written during a healing time while in the beautiful space of Australia and New Zealand though the Creator of All, GOD, sometimes ...

  • A Stranger Among Us

    Understanding Sexual Addiction by

    In A Stranger Among Us, Mr. Wilkie fearlessly confronts everything that most of us don’t know or understand about sexual addiction. Whether this is your battle, or you have a loved one struggling with it, the author provides an honest, in-depth, ...

  • A Healing Journal

    Struggles from Addiction to Sobriety by

    A Healing Journal is a collection of poetry designed to give inspiration to those who are in search of the path to recovery and spiritual peace. Appealing to readers who are interested in poems conveying inspirational messages of hope, love, and ...