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Relationships, Life and death, Inspirational books, Nature, India, Transcendence, Consciousness

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New Poems by Gursharn S. Zal by Gursharn S. Zal

Long before moving to Canada from India, a young Gursharn Zal was writing poetry in Punjabi, Urdu and Farsi, and garnering much interest as a poet to watch. However, as Zal is quick to point out, all poetry springs from the same source regardless of the language in which it is ultimately expressed. This is Zal’s fifth collection in English. He currently resides in southwestern Ontario, where he finds daily inspiration and solace in nature and in the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

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“I have lived my life wandering the world, a world of varied cultures, languages, philosophies, religions and customs. While each culture is different, there is an underlying coherence that unites all cultures and all peoples. In the end, we are all just human beings, with the same urges, the same thoughts, the same desires, and although our wandering never really ends, we are all born and belong here — on our beloved planet Earth.”


Gursharn S. Zal
Victoria White
Jaideep Bajaj

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