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Fiction, Fantasy, Mythical, Romance, Planetary Upheaval, Mystical Adventure, Esoteric Symbolism

The Guardians Of The Sun-Star and Moon-Star
by Sylvie L Gionet

Astrophysicists Gabrielle and Michael are humans, until, one day at the observatory, luminous activities and a sudden spiritual awakening propel them far away from their ordinary lives into a series of miraculous interplanetary adventures. The powers of the heavens have ordered them on a new course, and they are pulled to what they soon learn is their destiny-life in an unknown solar system that is vibrant and beautiful beyond anything they could have imagined. The creator gifts each with a "seed" star-baby and they become their parents, the Guardians of the Sun-Star and Moon-Star, and proceed to build a new paradise for prospective generations. Along the way, they encounter the full gamut of joy, magic, love, and birth, predetermined impending events with extreme battles in warfare. Infused with the inspiration that comes from great spiritual love, this novel takes readers on a ride full of twists and turns as our heroes navigate an array of spectacular supernatural encounters. Aided by sacred guides and ancient wisdom practices, Gabrielle and Michael become the first colonists of a universe at its very birth....

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Author Sylvie Gionet, born on the inspired and magical Gemini-Cancer cusp, considers herself blessed as a Moon-child. Three months after her mother passed away-in one magical moment-an urge arose within her to write The Guardians of The Sun-Star and Moon-Star. And writing it, she says, has brought her “to the light.” Sylvie credits many talented mentors with leading her to her passion: telling stories from her heart that reflect her love of romance and adventure coupled with a mystical yet a sensational connection to humanity and the cosmos.

Sylvie’s fascinations draw her into ancient texts on the spiritual and supernatural and her love of learning keeps her actively exploring the many facets of life’s possibilities. “There’s so much out there that I want to know,” she says.

The Guardians of the Sun-Star and Moon- Star is her first novel-and the first of many!


Sylvie L Gionet

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