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Memoir, Child abuse, Sexual abuse, PTSD, Trauma, Incest, Dysfunctional family

Both Sides Now
by Julie Nadler

Incest is a scourge on society in every part of the world, every level of society, and a family somewhere on every block. It spans generations, poisons families, and blights lives. It is nourished and protected by a culture of denial within families, avoidance in society, and blame of the victim.

This is a story of survival and self-denigration, retribution and recovery. It is about the consummate revenge of living well, and the terrible, complex struggle to forgive. It is told from the perspective of the victimized, and of the older and wiser person who has examined her life and determined not to be a victim.

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Julie Nadler is a retired high school English teacher, artist, seamstress, and holder of a black belt in Shotokan karate. She is a yoga teacher and co-owner of Yoga on the Park Studio in Montreal. In her spare time, she does house restoration and extensive wine tasting. She is currently working on her second book, “Tales Told Out of School:” a collection of stories based on experiences as a classroom teacher.


Julie Nadler

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