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Advice for caregivers of the elderly, Black Canadian history, Caring for an aging parent, Family history, Personal experiences with racism in Canada, Personal memoir, Supporting a parent/ family member with dementia

Mom, Twice a Child
by Marilyn R. Duncan

What happens when a lifelong caregiver needs caring for?

As Baby Boomers become elders, this heart-wrenching question is one that many North American families are grappling with every day. This timely volume is part memoir, part roadmap, written by a daughter thrust into a role as her headstrong mother Marguerite’s decision maker, advocate, and aide when the latter is diagnosed with dementia. Mom, Twice a Child is an emotionally honest look at the ups and downs of caregiving and its inevitable toll on helpers. It is a loving and intimate portrait of Marguerite’s life, engaging for any caregiver who understands that this insidious disease, no matter how debilitating, cannot rob a family of their past.

This is a very poignant, honest, vivid and heartwarming memoir of a woman’s journey into the world of dementia. My mother’s journey of life moves elegantly with a dash of humor through her family history, childhood, adult life and elder-hood from her daughter’s perspective and recollection. I was once her dependent, and I am now thrust into the position of caregiver and decision maker.

“A bittersweet, unvarnished portrait of a mother’s strength and decline.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Mom, Twice a Child is a loving testament to the beauty of one mother’s life, even as daughter becomes caretaker.” — Foreword Clarion Review

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Marilyn Duncan is the great grand daughter of Peter Butler the 3rd, a trailblazing figure in black Canadian history. She is a credit analyst, athlete, and grandmother. She lives in Ajax, Ontario with her husband, where she helps care for her tenacious mother Marguerite. This is Marilyn’s first book.


Marilyn R. Duncan

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